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An attractive computer version of the classic paper graph picture
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Cross Image is the computer version of the classic ‘paper graph picture’ that many of us have enjoyed. The game consists in recreating an image that is encrypted by a given set of numbers. To recreate this image, we have to follow some rules which are easy to understand but will require a lot of concentration from us.

Following the cross references given at the top and left-side of the game field, we have to reconstruct the hidden image by locating and painting the correct cells in dark green color. We do this simply by dragging the mouse over the appropriate cells. The grid is divided into three main areas identified by a particular color, where the beige zone is our game field. If it is your first time playing Cross Image, there is a comprehensive help file that will explain the rules in a detailed way with several examples.

The game's interface is very simple, and the registered version allows us to select from three levels of skill. Besides, we can print a selected puzzle and solve it in paper. From the developers' site we can download a trial version which offers only three images to build, and will let us test the game before deciding to buy it.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Addictive and challenging
  • Good exercise for our brain
  • Suitable for all ages


  • Only three images are available in the Trial Version
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